Holiday teacher gift collection


We are fortunate to have incredible teachers at Coulson Tough that do so much for our children. To thank them for all they do, the PTO will coordinate holiday and end-of-year teacher gift collections. As our children are taught by many teachers on a regular basis at CT, the PTO offers the completely optional opportunity for you to contribute towards a school-wide gift collection that will be divided among all our CT teachers. We encourage all our families to contribute to this gift pool. This collection ensures that all our teachers receive the recognition they deserve, while also offering you the convenience and ease of making one donation that will go toward all the incredible teachers impacting your child(ren) on a regular basis.

Funds are now being collected for our Holiday Gift Collection through the website GiftCrowd. The funds collected will be divided equally among all our teachers, which include: homeroom teachers, PE coaches, Music, Art, Library & Technology, and Special Education. A percentage will also go toward gifts for our wonderful teaching aides. Once the collection is completed, each staff member will be able to choose a gift card(s) that best suits them from over 250 leading brands, including Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Visa. 

Donations for the Holiday Gift Collection can be made until THURSDAY, DECEMBER 15 AT 5:00PM. GiftCrowd allows the following types of payment: Debit Card, Credit Card, Venmo, and PayPal.

We hope you will consider contributing to this gift collection to show our dedicated and hard-working teachers just how much we appreciate them! 

Donate to our teacher gift collection through GiftCrowd HERE

*Click "Join" next to Coulson Tough PTO to proceed with contribution*

Gift Collection FAQs 

Q: Why are we doing a school-wide gift collection?
A: Our goal is to make it easy for families to recognize their children's teachers during these busy times of the year. We want to ensure that every teacher feels recognized and appreciated for their hard work. Our hope is that doing a school-wide collection and distribution will be convenient for families while ensuring that everyone involved in the teaching of our students feels appreciated. 

Q: How much should I give?
A: That’s a very personal decision.  Our recommendation is to figure out how much you would typically spend on all the teachers you would like to recognize (e.g. homeroom/switch teachers, Specials teachers, SPED teachers, Aides, etc.) and add it together.  All the teachers that interact with your child will be getting a portion of the funds collected.

Q: Why is my money not just going to my child’s lead teacher?
A: At Coulson Tough, your child is not just taught by their lead/homeroom teacher.  They spend instruction time with other grade-level teachers and Specials teachers in Music, Art, PE, Technology, and Library. The purpose of this collection is to enable you to send in one donation and not have to buy separate gifts for all the people who teach your child.

Q: Who does this money go to?
A: The money is distributed among all the teaching staff at Coulson Tough, which includes: Homeroom teachers, Specials teachers in Fine Arts/PE/Technology/Library, Special Education teachers, and Teaching Aides. 

Q: How does the teacher know that I gave to the gift?
A: If you'd like, you can include a greeting/message along with your gift on the GiftCrowd website. Every recipient will be able to see the list of participants (but not their individual contributions) and their greetings.

Q: Does the teacher prefer a personalized gift?
A: Teachers love any and all expressions of kindness. We like the GiftCrowd option because teachers can choose their own gift card(s) according to their personal preferences, which takes some guesswork out of the gifting process. 

Q: What about gifts for non-teaching CT staff?
A: We truly appreciate ALL our Coulson Tough staff and we encourage any and all expressions of gratitude to our non-teaching staff members as well! If you would like a Favorites sheet (a list of favorite items/stores/restaurants) for any staff members not included in the teacher gift collection (administrators, counselors, front office staff, nurses, custodians), you can access them here: Staff Favorites Lists